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When you hire exterior house painters for your Salt Lake City, Utah area home, you’re trusting that your hard-earned money is being well invested. The last thing you want is to end up with a job done poorly that you’ll have to soon redo because you don’t like the results or the durability. It may seem like exterior painting is something anyone can do, but it really does take dedication, expertise, and attention to proper preparation and details to give you the results you need.

Exterior House Painting Services To Proctect Your Home From Utah's Challenging Climate Extremes

Superior preparation makes for superior and lasting results. Painting Plus Renovations, LLC gives special attention to the details and we never cut corners.

Windows are fully masked with film or plastic to ensure 100% coverage and no overspray hits your windows or your screens. Lights are fully masked and walkways, patios and other concrete areas near your home will be covered to ensure no drips of paint get where they should not.

Your home will be power washed to ensure all the surfaces are completely clean of dirt and debris. We will follow up with scraping any and all areas of loose or failing paint. Vertical joints in your fascia boards will be caulked, cracks in your stucco will receive elastomeric patching compound, stucco will be repaired where necessary, and all bare areas will be properly primed prior to receiving our top-quality paint.



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